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There is certainly some doubt as to whether Griffin is able to back up for Monday's game with his availability likely being a game-time call. Griffin knee will play during Saturday's Game 3 against the Bucks, Keith Langlois of the Pistons ' official site reports. Griffin will make his series debut in Game 3 after missing the first two contests due to a left knee injury. He'll presumably enter the starting five, which should push Thon Maker to the bench. As expected, Griffin will warm up with hopes of playing. He has yet to appear in the series, and if he's ruled out again, Thon Maker figures to draw another start.

Griffin won't be active for Wednesday's game against the Bucks due to a left knee sprain that's kept him out of the past three games. Unless anything significant happens the veteran forward will be a game-time decision for Saturday's game. There is still hope for the Pistons that their star veteran could take the court in Game 2 against Milwaukee on Wednesday.

News confirming Griffin's status for Wednesday's matchup should surface rather soon.


No real news here, as Griffin has carried a questionable tag since Monday morning, but there's still a ray of hope that he may be able to take the floor Wednesday night. Griffin was held out of the Pistons ' regular season finale, as well as Sunday's Game 1, as he continues to nurse soreness in his left knee.

The Pistons haven't offered much in the way of comment on the situation, and Griffin's availability will likely end up being close to a game-time call. Griffin knee is questionable for Wednesday's Game 2 against the Bucks, Keith Langlois of the Pistons ' official site reports. As recently as Monday, it seemed like Griffin would sit out for the remainder of the series against Milwaukee. However, he's been lobbying the Pistons' medical staff to allow him to play. The team has deemed Griffin questionable for Game 3, and he'll likely test things out throughout the day to help determine his availability.

It's possible things will come down to a game-time call. Griffin was held out of Sunday's series-opening blowout, and while he's been pushing the Pistons' medical staff to allow him to play, the All-Star's status is still very much in question. Earlier in the week, reports suggested that Griffin could be ruled out for the entire series, so while there's a chance he could take the court at some point in the next week, he'd likely do so at well below percent health.

Griffin is pushing to return for Game 2 against the Bucks, but his status is very much unclear heading into Wednesday's contest, the Detroit News reports. Griffin missed the Pistons ' regular season finale less than a week ago, and he was also held out of Sunday's Game 1, which the Pistons lost by 35 points. Reports late Sunday suggested that Griffin's chances to return at any point during the series are slim, but it now sounds as though the All-Star is doing everything he can to give him self an opportunity to play.

Griffin's recognition of how to use his strengths to his advantage in this area, while not forcing the issue in ways he doesn't excel, is quite encouraging for a player at his stage of development, though it would still obviously help in the long run if he could find a way to take advantage of his true face-up game rather than using it just to set up his post ups. Playing in more important games and for a team that is not amongst the league's bottom-feeders, it's likely that opponents will elect to double-team him more and more in the post.

His mechanics look solid, with a nice release and follow-through, and the ability to use the glass in Duncan-esqe fashion. As noted, he's already hit two 3-pointers this season his lone attempts , which is pretty impressive despite the limited sample size. He hasn't really attempted enough jumpers from any range to draw any definitive conclusions just yet, but the progress he's made is encouraging. He's leaving at least points on the board every single night when considering how often he gets there, which may come back to haunt him as Oklahoma approaches the post-season.

While his mechanics are solid and he's capable of knocking down open shots from time to time, on the whole this is not an area he's excelled in, being pretty inefficient with all his jumpers this season.

Blake Griffin's Top 28 Career Dunks

According to Hoopdata. While Griffin doesn't force the issue here, usually only taking his shots when wide open or with the shot clock winding down, he is taking a total of 4. Even more so, improving his shooting ability would help even more from the free-throw line, where Griffin is attempting 7.

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He has a tendency to gamble for steals excessively his quickness makes it quite easy for him to jump in front of post-entry passes and seems to give up position too easily on the block possibly to avoid cheap fouls , but there is regardless no doubt whatsoever that he should be able to develop into an excellent defender in time if he wants to thanks to his terrific physical tools, smarts and intensity.

Griffin has been an absolute monster on the glass, leading the NCAA by a wide margin in rebounds per game for all the many reasons already mentioned.

Blake Griffin

While his fundamentals aren't bad, he just needs to be more assertive in utilizing them, not making nearly enough use of his base strength as he could. While Griffin's post defense hasn't been much of a bright spot, one area where he has excelled is defending the perimeter, something we rarely were able to see in his time at Oklahoma.

According to Synergy, Griffin is allowing just 0. On the perimeter, Griffin has absurdly quick feet for a player his size, while his fundamentals and reaction speed are also both quite solid. His level of attentiveness is likewise high, and he does a good job moving laterally and staying in front of his man. As the season as gone on, despite him often playing pretty aggressively, up on his man, he's been forcing players to try and shoot over him from the perimeter as opposed to taking him off the dribble, a sign of the respect he's earning in this area.

Griffin likewise is doing well defending pick-and-rolls, doing a good job hedging with his athleticism and length, while also being well suited to handle switches against wings and even point guards, looking fairly comfortable and doing an adequate job in those situations. On the glass, Griffin is still as prolific as he was in college, ranking 10th in the league in pace-adjusted rebounds according to our database, and ranking 4th in rebounds per game at His ability to pursue caroms outside his area remains his greatest attribute, though he also does a good job turning to face the rim whenever a shot goes up, opening up his body and getting into box out position.

And on the offensive end, his outstanding reactive ability plays a big part in his pension for grabbing second and third chances. Outlook While it's still only 30 games into a year-old's career, a few things have already been made abundantly clear about Blake Griffin 's ability to perform in the NBA, where he ranks among the very best elite athletes in the league, if not being the single-most athletic player at his position. While he's mostly gotten attention for his highlight reel dunks from casual fans thus far, looking closer reveals a versatile game with developing skill sets in all areas, while his year-to-year improvement since his freshman season in college suggests a great work ethic and learning curve.

How those things apply to his game from here on out will shape whether Griffin is able to become one of the NBA's truly elite players in addition to elite athletes, but he's obviously off to a great start, and it will be interesting and certainly exciting to watch him develop further. Read full article. Jonathan Givony: How have the last few weeks been for you? You were ranked as the 17 overall recruit according to the Recruiting Service Consensus Index. What do you think happened there? Blake Griffin : I feel like I really improved.

Obviously, I really dedicated myself to the game, I really dedicated myself to getting better, and taking my game to another level. In my class there are so many great players. Mayo , those guys were all in my class. I just try to make the most out of it. Now obviously we all know how ridiculous that sounds considering the way you played at Oklahoma, but did you ever hear that before? You gotta understand that the level of competition is a little bit different. I tried to change that when I came to college.

I tried to show people that I was gonna play hard and work hard. Jonathan Givony: Speaking of playing hard, I was wondering if you could talk about the technical aspects of being a great rebounder. Blake Griffin : I think some guys just have a niche for it. They feel where the ball is coming off the rim. Some guys are just big. I try to use a little bit of both. I try to use my strength to get great position but also to read where the ball is coming off.

A lot about rebounding is wanting it more. Jonathan Givony: How equipped do you think you are to deal with the incredible amount of scrutiny that comes along with being the 1 pick? Those are the guys that I want to emulate, the guys I want to learn from. How I handle my business. Jonathan Givony: Is it almost better in some regards to be the 2 pick? Especially if you can go to a better situation as far as having better teammates and being able to win faster?

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Blake Griffin : Winning is definitely a priority for me. It really just depends who is where. My dad, he was my coach and he was big on defense.

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  • I kind of got away from that in college for whatever reason it was, I was a little tentative of picking up fouls and playing aggressively, which is really my style. Jonathan Givony: Do you think the foot jumper will ever be a major part of your repertoire? Jonathan Givony: How tall are you going to measure without shoes?

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    • Jonathan Givony: What about your wingspan? Have you ever had that measured? I was, I think in high school. Jonathan Givony: So that freedom to take a rebound and go coast to coast, is that important for you to have, that kind of freedom? Jonathan Givony: One of the things we struggled with when writing your scouting report was the NBA comparison part. Do you have any suggestions on guys you think you might play like, or that you emulate- someone that you might end up being like in the pros?

      A guy like early-on Amare Stoudemire. Jonathan Givony: A lot of players are really athletic. Where does your energy, your passion, your love for the game come from?

      Blake Griffin, Detroit, Small Forward

      Blake Griffin : It comes from my dad and my brother always being around the game. Blake Griffin : Obviously just to do well and help turn the team around and improve upon their winning total and also have a good year personally and be in the running for the Rookie of the Year. Jonathan Givony: What are some things that you learned from playing under Coach Capel for two years?

      Blake Griffin : Really I just learned a lot about the game through his eyes, and a lot about leadership. She likes to keep things to herself , although she is just as successful. Her low key attitude makes it all the more exciting when we finally do get relationship news from Jenner. Recently she took to Twitter to correct her dating record. Blake Griffin was one of those two real relationships. She acknowledged she was dating him, and we heard the pair separated on pretty good terms.

      Griffin and Jenner started dating around August Though, with Jenner, the timeline can be hard to figure out. She keeps her relationships quiet, especially in the beginning. She must have thought things with Griffin were at least a little serious because she did confirm the relationship.

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