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This type of summative exam should require a student to analyze and solve problems, justify interventions, and compose field diagnoses in dynamic environments. For quizzes and course exams, keep in mind that the earlier and more frequently a student is exposed to critical thinking items, the better the student will be able to understand and perform at the level expected during the final exam.

A final exam should not be the first time a student is exposed to a critical thinking item. By this time, the student should already be familiar with items covering complex topics. Again, there is no definitive answer to the question of rigor, and it is worthwhile to look at the subtopics within a topic in your exam rather than just at the topic.


After determining the rigor of the subtopics and what you would like the overall distribution of the exam to be, your blueprint might have the following breakdown:. For example, it might look like the following matrix:. In the above example, the items highlighted in red are significantly different than what you wanted to achieve. This gives you a good idea where you need to start making changes, such as removing and modifying existing items and finding or creating new ones.

The following is an example of what that section of the blueprint might look like once you have completed that work:. Creating and validating test items to fill a blueprint can be difficult.

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Cardiovascular Blueprint Free Lecture PANCE/PANRE Review

Outside of the office you can find her playing with her puppy, running, and working on her home. Instructor courses are offered frequently all over the country. I would have found this helpful on my medicine rotation 3rd year. This is tested over and over again on shelf and board exams, and I don't feel it is stressed enough in review texts. Ghaferi, 4th year student, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine "I would highly recommend this book to any student who is doing a cardiology rotation, no matter how much they were able to master the material during their first and second years of medical school.

It is an essential companion for any student completing a cardiology rotation. Furthermore, the concepts permeate every facet of medicine. Therefore, it would be a valuable book to keep around for every rotation. The heart is central to human physiology and patient management nearly always involves a solid understanding of cardiology.

Blueprints Cardiology by Awtry Eric Jeon Cathy Ware

The use of imaging such echos, chest x-rays, and CT scans make the chapters more interesting and help in understanding what will be encountered on the wards. The management and treatment sections are generally very strong. They really help lay out all the options and when they are appropriate for each disease. I would recommend this book to third year and especially fourth year students.

Students on internal medicine rotations would definitely benefit from this book if they use it as a quick reference. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description LWW, Condition: New. I can Google that. As you know, we are in That means there are roughly two years worth of updates to share with you here. The blueprints and topic lists can be found here. A blueprint is the exam breakdown — it tells you the subtopics e.


With these tools, there is some strategy when it comes to studying for these exams. Your primary focus should be to study the most high-yield information. For most of these exams, that means cardiology, pulmonology, and orthopedics which mimics the physician assistant national certification exam PANCE as well. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to cover the details of each item on the topic list in whatever method works for you. I always suggest podcasts for passive studying car rides, cleaning, taking a walk and outlines or flashcards for active studying.

Otherwise, the best bang for your buck is signs and symptoms buzzwords , labs, imaging, and treatment.

Blueprints Series: Cardiology Blueprints Series: Cardiology
Blueprints Series: Cardiology Blueprints Series: Cardiology
Blueprints Series: Cardiology Blueprints Series: Cardiology
Blueprints Series: Cardiology Blueprints Series: Cardiology
Blueprints Series: Cardiology Blueprints Series: Cardiology
Blueprints Series: Cardiology Blueprints Series: Cardiology

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