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By drawing on examples and expertise from international perspectives, the editors hope to transcend narrow questions and examine broader trends. Education takes place now in homes and workplaces, across national boundaries and in cyberspace. It also crosses traditional life stages.

The editors of this collection argue that these diverse and fluid spaces are an important part of the reconfiguration of education in the 21st century.

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They raise concerns about the potential effects of differential access to spaces of learning and see that space is becoming a social experience. As students cross boundaries and borders, injecting money into economies, the combination of instant communication and cheap travel are making higher education into a global marketplace.

Johanna Waters and Rachel Brooks urge us to explore more thoroughly the transnational relationships of mobile students. They also ask us to consider the cultural capital accumulated through educational migration and further ask us to consider the social relationships of the students. Far from being the stereotypical carefree and individualistic student, they often fold into complicated societal structures that later may devolve into permanent immigration.


The lives of these transnational students are deeply enmeshed in such complications and the resulting social development is worth greater study. Kate Geddie focuses on international branch campuses, particularly in the United Arab Emirates. She touches on the increasing complexity of credentials coming out of this new shift of space.

Mary Haden explores international schools and the children who attend them—global nomads from professional families and their third culture kids , as she calls them. She outlines the effect of these seemingly rootless lives. Changes affecting higher education in Europe wrought by the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Initiative are the focus in this chapter. Delivery included to Finland. Includes delivery to Finland. Check for new and used marketplace copies. In today's modern climate, education and learning take place in multiple and diverse spaces. Increasingly, these spaces are both physical and virtual in nature.

Access to and use of information and communication technologies, and the emergence of knowledge-based economies necessitate an understanding of the plurality of spaces such as homes, workplaces, international space and cyberspace in which learning can take place. The spaces of policy making with respect to education are also being transformed, away from traditional centres of policy formation towards the incorporation of a wider range of actors and sites.

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These changes coincide with a more general interest in space and spatial theory across the social sciences, where notions of simultaneity and diversity replace more modernist conceptions of linear progress and development through time. This volume proffers a unique perspective on the transformation of education in the 21st century, by bringing together leading researchers in education, sociology and geography to address directly questions of space in relation to education and learning.

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Changing Spaces of Education : Alison Fuller, Johanna Waters, Rachel Brooks - Book2look

This collection of essays:. Changing Spaces of Education is an important and timely contribution to a growing area of concern within the social sciences and amongst practitioners and policy-makers, reflecting an urgent need to understand the ways in which both education and learning are being reconfigured, not just nationally, but also internationally and transnationally.

Modern learning environments are allowing a utilisation of these gaming texts in ways that have never seen before. Collaboration and team evolution. How do we create a synergetic space for teachers and students - a journey through the pitfalls and successes with ever changing teams. What really underpins the success when it goes from an efficient engaged space of learning, to synergetic? Innovative Libraries - relevant and roaring.

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The resources, spaces and services of the library have evolved to be active and energetic learning environments with a unique contribution to the culture of the school. In this workshop, we will find practical ways that your library can provide innovative opportunities to support your learning community. Back to basics: Space, Learning settings, furniture and yes, even a few bean bags. Buying new furniture is often a starting point for people getting into the idea of ILE. This workshop aims to make some links between learning and learning settings, space and the way it guides us to behave, and then into thinking about furniture.

New spaces of education: the changing nature of learning in 21st century

What do we mean by learning settings? What do we mean by different modes of teaching and learning? What's a campfire?

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How might deliberate thinking, prototyping of furniture, and decisions around furniture selection deepen our understandings of ILE?

Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education
Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education
Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education
Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education
Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education
Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education
Changing Spaces of Education Changing Spaces of Education

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