Evolutionary game theory

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This paper introduces our analysis framework, explaining how and why such models may be generated.

Evolutionary Game Theory – Computational Social Science | ETH Zurich

It includes some examples illustrating specific theoretical and empirical analyses. We demonstrate that using our framework, a better understanding for the degree to which cooperative coevolutionary algorithms can be used for optimization can be achieved. Published in: Proceedings of the Congress on Evolutionary Computation. CEC'02 Cat.

Article :. DOI: Need Help? The sequential estimation game.

Biological explanations of social behavior in animals

Web defense behaviour of the Agelenopsis aperta. More asymmetries in the conflict, observations and experiments.

The analysis of the web defense behaviour by a simple game theoretical model. Arms race. The masic model of arms race. Information transfer in the erms race model. The generalized arms race model. Asymmetrical arms race.

The Game of Cancer: Evolutionary game theory offers new insights in cancer biology

Communication among animals Why communication is honest? Fisher's theory, Zahavi's handicap principle. Experiments to verify the handicap principle. The Sir Philip Sydney game and the conditions for the honest signalling. Classification of biological signals. Definitions, and biological examples.

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Adaptive dynamics, and some applications. The basic assumptions of adaptive dynamis.

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Convergence stability and ESS. Branching points in the evolution. Speciation in an adaptiv dynamical model. Evolutionary games in spatially explicit models.

Recent CMI publications:

General assumptions is spatial games. The Hawk-Dove game in grids. Comparison of classical and the spatially explicit models. Heinrich H Nax. Equity dynamics in bargaining without information exchange.

Evolutionary Game Theory

Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Evolutionary dynamics and equitable core selection in assignment games. International Journal of Game Theory, Stability of cooperation under image scoring in group interactions. Scientific Reports 5 : Payoff-based learning explains the decline in cooperation in public goods games. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B : Heinrich H Nax and Matjaz Perc.

Directional learning and the provisioning of public goods.

11. Evolutionary stability: cooperation, mutation, and equilibrium

Decentralized dynamics to optimal and stable states in the assignment game. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search.

Evolutionary game theory Evolutionary game theory
Evolutionary game theory Evolutionary game theory
Evolutionary game theory Evolutionary game theory
Evolutionary game theory Evolutionary game theory
Evolutionary game theory Evolutionary game theory

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