Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4)

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Prisoners of Arionn. The start is a bit tiresome due to the repetitions — once again we should follow the split of thoughts of another mind starting almost word-by-word from the previous books. Then we move to Charon, Looks like hell as their explorer said. On this world the warden organism gives people a kind of psionics masquerading as magic. Interesting and original even if a bit old-fashioned SF novel.

Jan 09, Mouldy Squid rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction. I've been revisiting the science fiction of my youth, trying to see how my tastes and attitudes have evolved since then. Jack L. Chalker is near the top of the list. I remember loving this series as a early teen, although I didn't really remember why.

Certainly there is enough action and some interesting ideas. However, it is clear that either my tastes have changed or this series didn't age well. While they are competently written with a few twists that I didn't remember, this series in particu I've been revisiting the science fiction of my youth, trying to see how my tastes and attitudes have evolved since then. While they are competently written with a few twists that I didn't remember, this series in particular, reads like an extended male adolescent wish fulfillment. Some of Chalker's more interesting thoughts on bodily transformation a theme which runs through at least all of three Chalker I've read is subsumed by what now reads as teen sexual fantasy.

Although it's not quite as prevalent in this series as it is in some of his other works, the pubescent male objectification of women is in full force. Despite my complaints, this series, and Chalker's other work are worth the time to read. They are an unique example of s mainstream science fiction. They are also written to a level where younger readers teens we'll find the concepts and prose challenging but not overwhelming. Competently written with enough action and intrigue to keep the reader engaged, but lacking the qualities that better science fiction writers were producing even in its time.

The Jack L. For the most part, if you've read the previous two books in the series, there will be no surprises here.

ISBN 13: 9780345293725

About the only two differences I noticed are that the book has more of a "Chalkerish" feel to it than the previous books more physical transformation and the protagonist is presented with an additional enigma as he starts out on the planet. So, just like the previous two books, I rate th Jack L.

So, just like the previous two books, I rate this book at a Very Good 4 stars out of 5. The books in Jack L. Chalker's "Four Lords of the Diamond" series are: 1. Aug 04, Jim Razinha rated it really liked it. Anyway, I must have been in a mood when I wrote the snippet below. While it is the least of the series, it has its merits.

I still like it. It almost seems as if he thought, "Well, I'm committed to four Nov 10, Dinofly rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi. Third book of 4. What happens, when woodoo and witchcraft actually work in a society where science is the only measure? The hero and his girl are turned into dinosaurs or something similar and then something else. All while being hunted and trying to solve the situation that will bring war to the known universe.

Read it :. Feb 07, Soukyan Blackwood rated it it was ok. Well, this was odd. So far this was the weirdest book in the mini-serie of them. Lots of "there's no hurry" and just post-lunch "we need to hurry" things going on, too much explaining of things that didn't need that much explaining and so on. Once again women are perfectly attached to the Mr. Agent and his loved one is practically a slave of his, pleased to please him. Nov 30, Wendell Saunders rated it liked it. Book 3 of Not as good as book 1, but much better than book 2. An intersting twist at the end, and the introduction of a new and unexpected character who, while he was discussed and even made one dramatic appearance early in the book, was only revealed as a major character in the last few pages of the book.

Very nice. Actually made me want to hurry and start the last book. Which I did. Jan 23, Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it Shelves: shelfari-favorites. Excellent SiFi series. Humans colonize 4 worlds around a new star and discover they can't ever leave due to microbes that can only live there that have invaded their bodies. Then the fun begins on each world the microbes alter the humans in different ways.

Very recommended. Another pure Chalker, with morphing characters and identity issues. This book is great specially because of the way the story starts and ends, because some revelations in the ending make you reevaluate what you considered truth in the beginning. Feb 27, Harry Weinhofer rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed The Four Lords of the Diamond books. I thought it was a different approach to "clone" the main character and have a book for each of the clones, each taking place on a different world with a different set of "unique" rules.

Dec 19, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: scifi , 3series , 1paper , 2fiction. Read in order! Nov 23, Scott Nash rated it it was amazing. Not the best or smartest of the series, but probably the most fun of them all. Enjoyed this very much. Nov 05, John rated it really liked it Shelves: scifi-fantasy.

Apr 30, Bryan rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , science-fiction , spies-n-special-agents , own-it , stranded. Great series. Read them when I was younger. Time to read them again and see if they hold up. Feb 23, Samuel Lubell added it Shelves: sf. Third in the Four Lords of the Diamond series. Mindless action but fun. Mar 28, Nathan Langford rated it did not like it.

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It would have been better to publish the four books in one volume - but I guess they had to make money. Aloysius rated it liked it Sep 07, Frank rated it liked it Dec 22,

Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4) Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4)
Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4) Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4)
Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4) Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4)
Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4) Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4)
Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4) Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. 4)

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